Our environment, activities and assistance focus on maintaining each resident's health, happiness and freedom of movement within a secure living environment.

The artwork is carefully selected to allow the residents to identify with familiar scenes and images.  All wall decorations are touchable, and all pictures have Plexiglas, rather than glass for safety.  Furniture, quilts, and other tactile pieces have been selected to engage the resident in the décor and peace of the home.  The colors are designed to contrast with the wall colors and are warm in nature.  Our interiors also feature contrasting colors where the walls meet the floor.  

We have recognized the many advantages inherent in our home-like setting.  Our communities imitate the environment that our residents have been accustomed to in living in their own private homes, while still providing them easy access to services they need to support their lifestyle.  The connection to familiar things like living rooms and TV lounges can make them feel at home, while our fitness center, walking paths and restorative center can keep them as independent as possible.  The environment here is natural. We bring services to our residents whenever possible, rather than forcing them to leave the community to access the help they need.