Memory Care Services

For people with memory disorders, quality of life is defined by validation. The more freedom that a person has to live within their own reality, the less anxiety they experience. 

Our approach allows us to understand a person not only as someone who suffers from illness, but also as someone who inhabits healthy parts and personality traits that remain even though they seem to be hidden by illness. People with memory disorders are like everyone else – they attach personal meaning to their activities. So when we engage in meaningful activities, then activity becomes therapy. Keeping residents active and engaged throughout the day helps to provide an outlet for their energy that is productive and creative. Not only does this build self-esteem, but it also minimizes the medications they need to take which may result in side effects, including falls.

Our therapeutic, multi-faceted interdisciplinary approach to activities, social and leisure programming provides specialized stimulation to create structure and support in meeting the physical, psychosocial, cognitive and spiritual needs of each resident. (See cognitive-behavioral therapy for program description and specifics on our innovative iCan activity platform.)

Residents each receive assistance with activities of daily living, and prompting by specially-trained staff to insure the highest level of dignity is maintained for each resident.